Reading Rainbow: A Book & Media Swap
Nov. 8th @ 100 Broad St. SW [Murmur‘s new space]

Ladyfest Atlanta and Southern Fried Queer Pride are teaming up to bring you READING RAINBOW, a radical book and media swap! Bring whatever you have to share and keep in mind that all proceeds will benefit Ladyfest Atlanta and Southern Fried Queer Pride. Additionally, consider your material donations not as charity, but media that you’d like to share with your comrades, your community. Please bring books, cassettes, CDs, records, zines, VHS, DVDs and any other media you’d like to share!

– sliding suggested donation at the door (all proceeds benefit LF and SFQP)
– bring books and other stuff to swap
– put your stuff to swap in the appropriate section (everything will be separated by type of media)
– if you have really nice/rare stuff and would rather auction it, donating the cash to LF and SFQP, place it in the auction (paper provided, just name your price and leave space for people to sign up!)

(All donations go to LFATL & SFQP)

-Be respectful. This is not a box of free books.
-Donate materially (contribute to the swap! share!) or in other ways ($$$$$$$)

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