Friday // March 20

WORKSHOPS // Gallery hours // vendor market

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Gallery Opening
@ The Broad Street Visitor’s Center
Featuring: Marlee Mincher’s
“It’s perfectly okay to want to kill someone.” @ Eyedrum
and Lauren Barfield @ The Mammal Gallery, upstairs

Visual Art by:
Estela Semeco, Patricia Lacrete, Katie Troisi, Anna Leber,
Morgan Lugo, Grace Thornton, Rachel De Urioste, Ally White,
Laura Vela, Claire Lewis Evans, Rachel Much, Hannah Helton,
Stenka Vulova, Celia Favorite, Naomi Munroe, Amanda Christine Smith,
Amy Sparks, Hannah White, Catherine Shiel, Haley Murphy,
Portia Hunter, Art Hoochie, Maggie Hayes

The Mammal Gallery(upstairs) will be showing films by:

Anna Spence

Lindsey Ferris

Brittainy Lauback

Shae Edman
“Homage to the Weather Underground”

Haley Murphy
“Taking Back, Me”

Katie Hinshaw

Films will be shown all weekend during gallery hours.

Ladyfest Atlanta Organizer Panel
@ The Mammal Gallery

Music & Performance
@The Mammal Gallery
Doors 7:30 pm
Featuring:  DJ Bitchcraft
Coco N Clairclair, Woven In, Factory, Dendera Bloodbath,
Kelly Blackmon, Talitha Gabrielle, Oddtitties

Comedy Show
Featuring: Collective 51
Lace Larrabee, Jen Lenny, Phoebe Perry, Cherith Fuller, Dulce Sloan
Perry Frost, Molly Pease, Dani Herd, Valerie Jane Thoma,
Angela Miller, Brandi Hoofnangle, Ann Marie Lowman, Nia Moore

(artists listed above)

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