In Their Own Words: Molly Pease, Angela Miller, Katie Troisi, Oddtitties, Rattler Snake, Ann Marie Lowman, and Danielle Deadwyler

Leading up to Ladyfest weekend we will be highlighting our 2015 artists, performers, and workshops;  using their own words.


I have been in a sketch writing group for three years and improvisation group for two. Sketch writing is one of my greatest passions, I love writing live sketch comedy. I am now the director of my sketch troupe and we perform about eight shows per school year in the Athens area. I helped start the all-female improv group with six of my other lady friends. We wanted to create a positive learning space for female comedians. For the past two years, I’ve helped lead the open rehearsals for Lady Parts Improv. We have also performed around the Athens/Atlanta area.

I am a huge supporter of women in the arts because I am one! It is ridiculous how under represented women still are in most creative areas. Luckily, the “women aren’t funny” phrase has mostly fallen to the wayside, only still toted out on occasion by Fedora-wearing geriatrics. Yet there is still a blatant taste of problematic content in the way most humor is presented. Especially in standup which creates unnecessary competition. Which is why we still need all female groups like Lady Parts and Ladyfest! Furthermore, racist or sexist jokes inherently aren’t funny because we know the punchline. It’s a punchline we’ve heard a million times before because it’s based off of stereotypical characters. My goal in standup is to surprise people, support and connect with the audience, and make comedy a safer place for women. It’s tough to get up onstage after four dudes telling rape jokes. But you do it, and you turn the sexists themselves into a joke. Cause maybe then they won’t seem so powerful.


“From filling clubs around Atlanta to being seen at comedy spots every night, she perfects her jokes at popular venues such as Atlanta Punchline, The Laughing Skull, Uptown Comedy Corner, and even in LA at The Worlds Famous Comedy Store.”


Working primarily as a ceramicist and sculptor, I am intrigued by texture and the concept of tactile art. My approach to painting incorporates these interests. I create highly textured pieces in which the paint is built up over time; this process often takes weeks or months. Never using a brush and relying instead on palette knives, squeeze bottles, squeegees, and various pouring and dripping techniques, each layer of paint is applied and then allowed to dry. Subsequent layers are added and created, obscuring what existed before. Once I have sculpted the piece to where it is whole, I destroy it. The painting and all of its layers are stripped, eroded, and reduced to an equal plane. The technical details of this finishing process consist of sanding and polishing the piece to a perfectly smooth surface. The visual effect of this is that of a topographical map; an abstract two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional reality. I create a piece whose true identity is hidden below the surface. All of the internal intricacies and secrets that were once hidden are revealed in union.

By Katie Troisi
By Katie Troisi


Oddtitties came out of a pain deep in my uterus, telling me that I was growing up, and that was scary. Puberty is challenging, but diaries and making music made it easier. After years of playing classical music and jounaling to an invisible audience: I picked up a guitar, played music that evoked some feeling, and allowed words to spill out on the page. I’ve been doing it ever since, and that’s all Oddtitties really is.


I am so looking forward to drawing from the strong feminine energy all the ladies performing will bring.


“Rattler Snake is the solo project of Atlanta musician Suzanne Baker. The objective of Rattler Snake intends to inhabit the space wherein the feminine aspect is realized through traditional folk songs and stories. With her evocative voice and simplistic banjo style, Rattler Snake will tell you the stories of our mothers and grandmothers through a dark, haunting lens.”

After a few years of playing music in Atlanta I feel discouraged at times at the lack of female presence in the scene. I want there to be a tighter community of female artists who are seen and taken seriously. I think a festival of this type has been long needed!


“Ann Marie Lowman began performing stand up comedy locally last August (’14). Her first  performance at The House with Eyes was quickly followed with her first open mic comedy and piano performance as Harriet Roosterson.”

Ann Marie Lowman
Ann Marie Lowman


I make Hip Hop and gender centered live and video works. I am inspired by poetry and short-form multimedia for their ability to present depth through ephemeral structures. dispossessed: the live mixtape was a live performance of poetic concepts reconstructing the mixtape form, exploring diverse media (e.g. video, monologue) and content traversing a Hip Hop’s milieu on womanhood, domesticity, sexuality, among others. I create works that question gender roles and popular culture. The work mirrors popular Hip Hop songs and imagery, but re-imagines them from a woman’s or an unpopular perspective.

Ladyfest is the opportunity to be a part of a fledgling platform, centered around the women’s experiences and themes of narratives I address in my work. Finding a cohort such as Ladyfest opens up the dialogue I am interested in having to potentially like minds, and contrary minds, to the themes I enjoy delving into and performing.

Ladyfest Atlanta will also feature the talents of:





JEN LENNY!comedy





MORGAN LUGO!visual art


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