In Their Own Words: Katie Collins, Dendera Bloodbath, Acapoco, Amanda Christine Smith, and Kelly Blackmon

Leading up to Ladyfest weekend we will be highlighting our 2015 artists, performers, and workshops;  using their own words.


“Katie Collins has a history of storytelling and poetry and spoken word. She began writing on an electronic typewriter at the age of thirteen while submitting for publication. She has been the editor of her school newspaper, college literary magazine and hosted spoken word weekly for over two years.”

“Katie feels that women should be empowered to do great things, or even little things, that may be great to the person. No woman should be taught or grow up with the notion that she can not become empowered to be the person she wants to be in the end no matter who, what, or how that may come about.”


“Five years ago Virginia Bliss began work on a concept album based on the Oscar Wilde one-act play Salome, using an autoharp to flesh out these songs and giving them a dark, dreamy quality. Her band at the time had a much heavier, classic rock sound which did not fit with this new project. Shortly after this she began experimenting with synthesizers and sequenced beats to supplement acoustic instruments. Her 2011 album [wr wr wr], inspired by political upheaval in Egypt, featured synthetic beats and noises supplemented by augmented harp and drehleier sounds. Currently she performs as Dendera Bloodbath in formats ranging from solo acoustic and electronic shows to backing with a full band.”

This event is so important for women here in Atlanta. While the music scene here is very gender-integrated, instances still exist where women are marginalized and their contributions are overlooked. I am hoping that together we can heighten the focus on talented female performers who are pushing the boundaries of musical expression.


“At the heart of Acapoco you’ll find Lea and Matthew, two best friends who grew up together in the depths of central Georgia. In high school, they started playing music, creating eerie folk pop. Years flew by and their music has evolved into a blend of genres often drifting into dreamy psychedelia.”


“Amanda is a highly creative and motivated woman living in Atlanta, GA where she is pursuing a Masters degree in Sculpture at the Savannah College of Art and Design. When she isn’t sculpting, she’s usually working on stopmotion animated short films, creating creepy Halloween props, baking delicious cake pops, or some combination of those things.”

By Amanda Christine Smith
By Amanda Christine Smith

So often, it seems like women are overlooked in art spaces or shoved into tiny boxes of expectation about their art. We don’t all paint flowers and portraits!


“Kelly Blackmon is a photographer and performance artist based in Atlanta Georgia. Her photographs have been exhibited at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Apres Diem, Art Match Gallery, and were recently shown in Mint Gallery’s emerging artist show at the MOCA-Tula Complex. Some of her performances include Art on the Beltline, Sumptuary, Sapere Aude, and Coven. She is currently curating “La Loba”, portraits and performances of the Wild Woman Archetype, to be shown at The Big House in 2015. She resides in Castleberry Hill with her partner and chocolate lab.”

By Kelly Blackmon
By Kelly Blackmon

I believe in Ladyfest’s mission. I long for the day when all humans are treated equally. As a woman living in a male dominated society, as a woman working in a male dominated profession, and as an artist working to break through the norm, our philosophies align.


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