In Their Words: Raine Rainé, Catherine Shiel, Woven In, Saira Raza, Christeene Alcosiba, and Collective 51

Leading up to Ladyfest weekend we will be highlighting our 2015 artists, performers, and workshops;  using their own words.


My namé is Raine Rainé and I am a white, trans female to neutral, relatively able brained and bodied, multi-disciplinary performance artist and drag queen based in Savannah, GA. I am a member of The House of Gunt, Savannah’s resident gender-bending drag nightmare by night and a freelance writer by day.

Raine Rainé
Raine Rainé

“The UN/LEARNING is a multimedia performance centered around the translation of ideas from the subconscious world to the conscious world. Combining video, sound, physical movement and audience interaction, the UN/LEARNING will communicate the universal messages discovered during Rainé’s UN/LEARNING project, a durational self-intervention.”


I received my BA in Women Studies at UC Berkeley and I have taken classes in woodworking, clay, painting, book-arts and metal work at the Appalachian Center for Arts and Crafts, the Atlanta College of Art, Callenwolde Arts Center, Emory University and the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. I like mixing materials, recycling and using found objects. I also have a business making cremation urns or “visual biographies.” My primary focus is sculptural objects that reference nature or the body in some way.

Catherine Shiel
Catherine Shiel

I am a 59 year old lesbian feminist visual artist, beekeeper and writer who lives in a co-housing community in Decatur, GA. I want to join with communities and celebrations that are focused on celebrating diversity and doing anti-oppression work.


Sappy surfy rock-n-roll love songs from Florida. Now living in Atlanta.

I just moved to Atlanta earlier this year and I’d like to meet more people in this music scene. Back home in Jacksonville I was part of a lot of events that promoted women’s artistic expression like Girl’s Rock and I’d like to start being a part of this type of atmosphere again now that I’m here.


I am a multi-instrumentalist and experimental musician, largely influenced by jazz, gospel, Bollywood, folk, and electronic music. Most of my compositions involve a combination of acoustic and electronic music and have been described as cinematic and psychedelic.

All too often, I find myself being the only woman or one of only a few women to be on stage for gigs in Atlanta, especially those in the electronic music scene. I imagine it will be very refreshing to be surrounded by other women performers on this scale.


“Christeene Alcosiba is a writer, editorial assistant for Coconut Books, and a librarian at the Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library at Emory University. Her poems and articles have been featured or are forthcoming in Rattle, New York Quarterly, Forklift, OH, B O D Y, English Journal, The Awakenings Review, and The Purchase Independent,among others. Her first chapbook, Little Earthquakes, was the winner of the 2010 New York Book Festival poetry prize. She is currently working on her first full-length book, titled Shotgun.”

Christeene Alcosiba
Christeene Alcosiba

I am passionate about promoting the work of women, but moreover, supporting a culture that breeds support for these endeavors. There has never been a shortage of women artists, writers, culture makers – but even at a time when women are outpacing men in terms of college matriculation and beginning to close the gap in male-dominated fields like medicine and law, the Hallowed Halls of Art have not kept up with the times.


“Collective 51 is an all-women’s improv group focused in and around the Atlanta metro area. The name stems from two sources: the collaborative nature of the group, which aims to create a space where women feel free to explore their own ideas in a supportive group setting, and from the fact that women make up 51% of the global population. Through collaborative short- and long-form improv, Collective 51 works to create stories that allow women performers to explore roles that may not be as easily available to them in a traditionally male-dominated performance space: the protagonist instead of the protagonist’s girlfriend or mom.”

Collective 51
Collective 51

Collective 51 was born out of a need for a group where Atlanta women improvisors can express and play in a welcoming environment that fosters collaboration rather than domination. Ladyfest Atlanta’s goals meet our own in that Collective 51 is women only with intention. Storytelling through audience participatory improvisation and comedy with all female voices not only gives a voice to those often drowned out but also strengthens our community with sharing them onstage.


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