In Their Own Words: Rachel De Urioste, Art Hoochie, BesselBeam, A’nji, and Laura Vela

Leading up to Ladyfest weekend we will be highlighting our 2015 artists, performers, and workshops;  using their own words.


“Rachel De Urioste works in a variety of mediums including wood, oil, watercolor, and felted wool. Her work is both playful and grotesque, exploring an imagined world of kindhearted monsters. In her spare time, she enjoys going to toy stores, traveling, and watching horror movies. Rachel received her BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and now lives and works in Atlanta.”

Rachel De Urioste
Rachel De Urioste

My work depicts unconventionally gendered creatures that challenge traditional roles and aesthetics.


My art is a critical investigation of identity, and the provocativeness of life. I use it as a method to help me to make sense of this intricate, complicated, and beautiful world. At times I pull from my own experiences with my identity and self-image and put them on display. I understand that all women are united in struggle against the social constructs of what a woman should be, as we embrace our uniqueness. I seek to deconstruct the ideal image in my artwork, often times in doing this, I find that I put my own insecurities on display.

I am a bisexual woman and being a part of a show that aligns with my views is just organic. I was sold at the inclusiveness of the trans community as well.


“BesselBeam makes deep listening, ambient, soundscapes for your enjoyment. BesselBeam is Catherine Quesenberry from Atlanta bands Qurious ( and Shampoo (”

I have been playing shows in ATL for 8 years, and have only met a handful of ladies in a music scene dominated by non-ladies for NO logical reason. It is really discouraging to see only male friends and musicians take the plunge and start/join bands, play shows, have a blast at something as essential and fulfilling as music making. I hope that performing at Ladyfest may encourage other women to share their voice, and start collaborating on an ATL music takeover.



“A`nji, is an award winning poet, writer, and singer who resides in the metro Atlanta, GA area. She is the author of “Life’s Epiphanies” and performs her eclectic forms of poetry/music such as jazz poetry, haiku and tanka at various venues nationally. Also, A’nji has been commissioned as a poet for the 50th anniversary of the wilderness act of 1964 artistic celebration in Georgia.”

I had the privilege of performing in a celebration of the creative power of females called Cafe Medusa. It was a high energy and powerful event and I’ve craved being involved in a project that would continue the reality of women/ladies collaboratively sharing their talents. It’s my hope that Ladyfest Atlanta will be the venue that I’ve long sought after.



My work explores issues of gender, class, race, and identity. My mediums are oil paint and watercolor, and my work branches from magical realism and representational in my oil paintings to abstract in my watercolor. I am very interested in interdisciplinary work and utilize vast research methods to resolve my pieces.

Laura Vela
Laura Vela

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