In Their Own Words: Anderson Hill Trio, Phoebe Perry, Man Up Yancey, Hez Stalcup & Jessica Caldas, Dani Herd, and Nia Moore

Leading up to Ladyfest weekend we will be highlighting our 2015 artists, performers, and workshops;  using their own words.


“The New York-based Anderson Hill Trio is part of a new wave of young artists breaking the mold of classical music today. While rooted in the tradition of Western classical music, the AHT is committed to the development of instrumental music and the commissioning of new works for violin, cello, and piano. Members of the AHT have worked with and collaborated with such award-winning composers as Nicholas Virzi and Paul Dooley. In addition to performances in concert halls, the AHT also appears in non- traditional venues not limited to art galleries, bars, and yoga studios. As alumni of the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music, members of the AHT have been coached by musicians in the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and faculty members of the Juilliard School and Manhattan School of Music.”

Anderson Hill Trio
Anderson Hill Trio


“Phoebe Perry is a friend and comedian based in Atlanta, GA. Originally from Nebraska, Phoebe stands up, improvises, and performs regularly at ‘Dottie: a night of solo comedy from loners and rebels’. Her one-person show “Lies I Told Today” was produced by Agnes Scott BlackFriars last Spring. Through character act outs and circular logic Phoebe explores wrinkles in time and fun. A tipsy mother of two once described her comedy as ‘aggressively feminine.'”

Star Bar March 24 from Phoebe Perry on Vimeo.


Man Up, Yancey is a punk band based in Atlanta, GA. We recently took a summer tour throughout the south and plan on having a full length album ready by the spring. All of our members identify as feminists; Anna and Rebecca both identifying as queer. In our music, we show strong female leads while also having a unique punk/rock-like sound.

We love it when women and gender non-conforming people are able to come together with all of their talents and diversity and be in a safe place to show off those talents.


“Jessica Caldas is an Atlanta based artist whose work centers around the sharing of people’s stories and connecting those narratives to larger social issues. Primarily a printmaker, she received her BFA in printmaking from the University of Georgia in 2012. Although currently unrepresented, she shows work nationally and regularly throughout the city of Atlanta at various galleries and through several public art projects. Hez Stalcup is a dance artist based in Atlanta, GA. Hez cut their teeth creating dance routines as a kid in the diverse communities of rural Virginia and suburban Detroit. The direct path to dance was hard to find for a fat, queer, butch kid. Now at 37, Hez works through collaboration that encourages the challenge of how to speak to life experiences through movement that is simple, distilled and shamelessly honest. Their goal is to create smart, compelling, emotionally evocative dance.”

Hez Stalcup & Jessica Caldas
Hez Stalcup & Jessica Caldas

“Building off an existing installation, and ongoing work of Caldas (‘Four Letter Word’ premiered at 2014 Walthall fellowship Artists exhibition, Gallery 72), Caldas and Stalcup will explore the relationship between language and behavior with particular focus on Female Sexuality within installation and dance.”


“Dani Herd is a local actor, writer, and stand-up comedian. After graduating from Agnes Scott in 2011, she joined the Apprentice Company at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse, where she has been seen as Helena (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), First Witch/Lady Macduff (Macbeth), and Phebe (As You Like It), among others. As a writer, her work has been featured onstage at Write Club Atlanta, Scene Missing Magazine, and Naked City. You may have seen her most recently as a part of This Darker Life at The Goat Farm Arts Center. Through writing and comedy in particular, Dani is committed to exploring the ofttimes unfortunate link between comedy and sadness.”

Funny women continue to draw the ire of asshole male comics and audience members alike. I want to tell jokes from my own experience in a safe, encouraging setting, therefore hopefully inspiring other women to feel comfortable to do the same.


I am a strong Greek woman, ready to work with beautiful souls to create a brighter future. I want to express the importance of creativity to the world. We are so wrapped up with day to day tasks that we forget about our main goals. My main goal is to seek happiness with art. Not gaining self fulfilling happiness by painting, but by giving. Allowing others to seek happiness through what I create. Seeing people happy is what makes me feel satisfied.

By Nia Moore
By Nia Moore

I want to meet and connect with as many people as possible, however, being a part of a wonderful organization will allow my social butterfly behavior to grow with a community instead of random hellos and goodbyes. I am ready to build strong and life long relationships with individuals that have as many ideas as I do that are ready to complete them with no hesitation.


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