In Their Own Words: Amy Sparks, Hannah White, Stenka Vulova, Coco N Clairclair, Rachael Ward, and Rothana Oun

Leading up to Ladyfest weekend we will be highlighting our 2015 artists, performers, and workshops;  using their own words.



“A rare native Atlantan, Amy Sparks can trace her family’s roots alongside the Phoenix city itself. As a child and young adult, Amy passionately worked at her illustration skills until eventually succumbing to the limits of her ability and switching to photography. Amy learned the art of photography from her father in their basement darkroom, and refined her techniques at Savannah College of Art and Design. Though Amy’s fine art often involves her camera, she is beginning to move into new work, exploring both mixed media and sculpture.”

By Amy Sparks
By Amy Sparks

I cannot divide my work from my identity as a lady; all of my art deals, at least in part, with female issues – especially the issue of being female in a male-dominated culture. As a native Atlantan, I have a special love for our city and have been so excited over the course of the last decade to watch Atlanta begin to transform into exactly the type of city I want to live in.



There are powerful and often oppressive connotations assigned to things as simple as a dress or body hair. In making these photographs, I am celebrating androgyny, the gender spectrum, and overt defiance of dominant expectations about gender identity and expression. It is also my hope that the photographs may provoke some spectators to revisit their existing perceptions of gender, and begin to think about gender in a more broad and complex way. The more that society is confronted with ideas and images that complicate the dominant social standards, then the better equipped we are to change those standards.


By Hannah White
By Hannah White

As a female identifying artist, I feel that it is critically important that female creativity, female expression, and female defiance should be given a voice within our communities. I think that Ladyfest is a remarkable platform for the ‘female’, and I am excited about the perspectives and ideals that Ladyfest stands for.



“Stenka Vulova, ecologist by day, painter by night, is fascinated by faces, friends, chemistry, conservation, cats, and science.”

By Stenka Vulova
By Stenka Vulova

I am drawn by Ladyfest Atlanta’s focus on women and women’s issues.



We are two girls killing the rap game one track at a time. with coco’s phenomenal rapping abilities and clair being a wordsmith with the voice of a baby dog, they are unstoppable. their music is showing that girls can make hits one after the other.


“Rachael Ward is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter who’s been cultivating music since 17. Her sound is based in an indie/singer-songwriter realm, but has released music across the world as a vocalist featured on multiple EDM radio stations. She’s had releases through Kolossus Records (Atlanta based), Philosophy Recordings (UK), TrapDoor Records (UK) and more. She has one album and two EPs featured on Bandcamp (Rachael Ward) and a wide array of genres available on her soundcloud at Rachael Ward Music. Her basis in music is to touch someone with her own personal experiences in life while being purely honest.”

Being a woman, a lesbian and a forward thinker, I truly admire the effort being made to allow women their platform for talent. Everyone has a message and a unique talent they should be able to share with the world.



Rothana Oun. MAD’S’Kiz/ARTsta’N’Resonance. Indie/FreeAZN-ARTivist. Southside ATL-Native. QuTiePOC’SEAzn'(Cambo’Jiu Jiao’Thai’Khmerican)’RAD’Dork’N’Bodi-Modie’d’NeuroDiv’Crippin’ARTsta. Wai limit da feelz yo? Evarithang iz politickal, grassroots edu/community-buildin/DIY Moova’N’Shake-ahhhhhhh! Recoverin ack’ademick ^–^

Rothana Oun
Rothana Oun

Mai participation in Ladyfest is an engagement and intersection of dese place()s (emphasis on plurality) we call Atlanta, a reclaimation of mai locale, mai comms, outside da perimeter, configured bai maps and statistical survey as South Atlanta-metropolitan. A part of Atlanta, which holds one of da busiest airports in da world (as often iterated) and yet, da surrounding comms contextualized within da same space as dis busy busy hub are often ignored, ghettoized and left widout resources dat are relegated ta da citi, da “urban” da nexus, da haven, da center of culture, bussiness and so forth. Yes, I am ATL-Native, but I am specifically Southside ATL-Native. And I seek draw from mai particular comms and narrativs of da Southside and remind da urbane nexus dat mai fringee-comms are just as much a part of Atlanta as itz center. lol or as da post-modernists wud sae——-dere iz no center 😉


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