In Their Own Words: Ally White, Celia Favorite, Celli, Claire Lewis Evans, Sarah Padget, Cherith Fuller, and Flamingo Shadow

Leading up to Ladyfest weekend we will be highlighting our 2015 artists, performers, and workshops;  using their own words.


My paintings feature imagined characters and spaces that make up an alternate, vibrantly bored world. They deal with the contrast in domesticity and exoticism — the yearning for something unfamiliar versus being content within home bounds. Constructed with thoughts about suburbia, vacations, childhood memories and self-pleasure, they are intuitive responses to everyday surroundings that are transformed into strange and fictional situations. The image emerges through a process of erasure, mending and embellishment of paint and collage.

By Ally White
By Ally White

Since moving here a little over a year ago and being introduced to the Dream Warriors community and meeting so many talented and productive female artists and voices, I have never been more driven to be successful in the male-dominated field that I am pursuing.


I’m an artist and illustrator living in Atlanta, Georgia. This series of paintings are figurative self-portraits that deal with my personal feelings of anxiety about my own creative ability and potential.

By Celia Favorite
By Celia Favorite


“Celli is a group of four classically-trained female cellists who push the boundaries of traditional cello music. While they enjoy performing the intricacies of classical music, they are just as likely to be found playing eclectic arrangements of rock and pop songs as well as their own original works, sometimes lending their voices to the sonorous mix. Whether on stage in a traditional concert hall or in a late-night rock club, Celli shatters any preconceived notions of what it means to be a cellist.”

Celli’s raison d’être is to escape from the boundaries that have constrained cellists over the centuries. That includes breaking out of the concert hall and also breaking into spotlights that have traditionally been reserved for gender-conforming white dudes. We make a point to seek out positive female-friendly and trans-welcoming environments.


Art-making is a process of inquiry and discovery, a way of experiencing the world. My creative process is based in the exploration and manipulation of compelling materials to investigate relationships between color, form, movement, and space. There may be false starts, unexpected turns, and surprise destinations, but the making is a continual journey through material, method, and form.

By Claire Lewis Evans
By Claire Lewis Evans

There used to be (and still probably is, in some circles) a kind of white-guy privilege to so much of Atlanta’s alternative culture; I’m delighted to see so much more diversity and people turning it around — if not the South, where? This is where the work is!


“Sarah is a second child. She is a ‘creative type’ who still does not have a ‘real job’. Sarah is an anthropology student and she may never graduate. She is survived by her 13 y.o. beagle, Bailey.”

I’m sick of feeling upstaged by men! I’m also sick of so easily feeling upstaged by or competitive with talented and successful women. I’ve been taught there’s only room for one strong/well-spoken/smart/thoughtful/pretty female in a room, or in a field, or in a classroom discussion, or in a comedy club, or in a bar, or wherever. I want to work to create spaces for women that allow us to be free and full in all the different ways we are.


“Cherith Fuller is a Leo with a Scorpio moon (Sagittarius Rising) and has literally no idea what she’s doing. She just graduated from film school and has moved back in with her parents. Please don’t ask her what the “next step” is because she doesn’t know and is too busy worrying about her ‘web presence’ to care.”

Cherith Fuller
Cherith Fuller

I am an active feminist and enjoy supporting female autonomy in the arts.


“Mister Lady Nice and her intergalactic siblings came to Atlanta, GA after inheriting a Dry Cleaning facility from their earthling uncle. Between folding pants and destroying insubordinant customers, Flamingo Shadow plots to become earth america’s number one Tropical Noir Punk Band. Flamingo Shadow would like to know where the X-Ray Specs, The Feelies, Thin Lizzy, and The Slits are kept, for they would like to make deep eye contact with all of these warriors and absorb their power.”

Flamingo Shadow
Flamingo Shadow

We love ladies, and LGBTQ peeps, and every earthling that dances to our sick rhythms. We are an inclusive empowering space force –– ready to insight Earth America revolution. Expect costumes and sweet dance moves and space ladies shaking it raw.

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